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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anglo Irish bank Bondholders - Goldman Sachs and Rothschilds

A look at the Bondholders of Anglo shows that Goldman Sachs and Rothschilds are listed as creditors. Both Goldman Sachs and Rothschilds have been acting as 'advisors' to the Irish Gov't
during this crisis. - If that's not a criminal conspiracy then what is?

Don't just take my word for it - there's plenty of proof that both Goldman Sachs (which some say are a front for Rothschilds) and Rothschilds themselves, are involved in a criminal conspiracy with the Irish Political and Banking classes (who caused this mess in the first palce) See:
Anglo Bondholders Advising Government on Dealings with Anglo Bondholders
Goldman Sachs Involved In Anglo Irish Bank Bailout Shenanigans
& Rothschilds controlling NAMA?
& Ghosts in the Irish Financial Machine - NAMA: deliberate entrapment into eternal Debt-slavery

The 2 Brians - Brian Cowan and the excerable Brian Lenihan - are not merely 'idiots making mistakes' - if they were then, simply by the law of averages, some of those mistakes, or even just ONE of those mistakes, would put some money back into our pockets. NONE of their decisions recently have done this. So it is rational to conclude that they are not making mistakes. From that one can deduce that they were never working in our favour, but are in fact working for International Financial crooks

and remember - an election after the economy-killing budget, which will pass with the collusion of ALL major Irish Political parties, allows the craven weasels which are the Fine Gael party to say "don't look at us, it wasn't our budget!"

So far I have not heard anything about laying a little more of the burden onto the richer members of this so-called society of ours. Why is that I wonder?

Every time the 2 Brians have had to make a decision over the last while, they have CONSISTENTLY made the absolute WORST decision (for the Irish people) - each and every time, without exception.

The only rational answer as to why the 2 Brians are acting as they are is that they are seeking to secure their own future prosperity by ensuring, after they are kicked out on their arses, that they will be offered some lucrative Directorships/Consultancies arranged through the grateful bankers.

Peter Schiff : The Irish Should Default On Their Debt, Not Become Slaves To Bankers

The OECD released a report a few years ago showing that the main driver of costs and wages was the cost for the average worker of servicing a mortgage

In my opinion this was due to the rampant speculation – too many people buying houses to rent out, expecting to pay the mortgage from squeezing tenants

Proper security of tenure (not the farce we have now where all the Landlord has to do is claim he/she needs it for a one of their offspring and they can evict any tenant) and proper rent control would have quietened the property market just when it needed it. Instead what we got was more and more tax-breaks for speculators

Mary Harney kept claiming that ‘We are closer to Boston than Berlin’ – well Mary I got news for you – Boston had Rent Control and Berlin still has it- so why couldn’t we have had it when we needed it?

Rent control in Boston began in 1968, when exceptional pressures on the rental housing market prompted the city to enact laws that controlled rents and protected tenants from arbitrary evictions and excessive rent increases. (Massachusetts state law gives tenants some basic rights, but does little else to protect them.)

In 1975 Boston began vacancy decontrol, but the important protections against arbitrary evictions and rent increases were later restored. By 1994 only 20,000 units were left with fully controlled rents. Three times that number, 60,000 units, had become vacancy decontrolled, where the landlord could charge any rent to new tenants, but they retained basic tenant protections once they moved in.

Of course the speculators continued to attack tenancy laws and eventually Boston ended up with spiraling rents and a property boom which also eventually collapsed, just like ours – Berlin on the other hand has no such problems


Some Irish netizens have suggested that the politicians are playing along with the IMF and ECB to get them into the “kill zone” of default territory. "Remember", they say, "if a soldier is an honest man sent out to die for his country then a good politician is an honest man sent out to lie for his country."

They have suggested that perhaps the game is being played by the politicians in full knowledge that they will spring the bank bondholder default trap once the state has a line of credit in place to allow us to reduce the structural deficit in our current account to near zero.

This is nothing but nonsensical wishful thinking

Self delusion is a dangerous thing – especially at times like these –

The 2 Brians - Brian Cowan and the excerable Brian Lenihan - are not some geniuses in disguise, tricking and lying to the bankers, in the service of their country

They are traitorous craven criminals, lying to their country, in the service of the bankers

I already said - a long time ago - that the Head of Goldman Sachs European operations, Peter Sutherland, is a c**t


One more thing this agenda to drive down the minimum wage is more evidence of this rush to keep the citizens subjugated because I for one will never be convinced that the min wage of €8.65 per hour threatened our balance of payments. But by reducing peoples ability to save means it will increase their need to borrow to make up for the shortfall in the standard of liveing. I can assure you if you are misfortunate enough to have to live on the now 7.65/hr it could mean the difference between going hungry or not before the next pay check.

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