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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hypocritical Irish Scumbags

Brian Rossiter - just 14 years of age when he 'died in garda custody'
Brian Rossiter - just 14 years of age when he 'died in garda custody'

2 very simple Google searches tell you all you need to know about the hypocritical Irish people in 2008.

Google Search pages from Ireland: Shane Geoghegan
Results 1 - 10 of about 37,300 for Shane Geoghegan. (0.18 seconds)

Google Search pages from Ireland: Brian Rossiter
Results 1 - 10 of about 8,030 for Brian Rossiter. (0.09 seconds)

Many people believe Shane Geoghegan was killed due to the actions of feuding Limerick gangsters.

Many people believe Brian Rossiter was killed due to the actions of Clonmel Gardai

Shane Geoghegan was murdered less than 2 weeks ago.
Brian Rossiter was (possibly/probably?) murdered in a cell in Clonmel Garda Station following his arrest in the town on 10 September 2002. - That is over 6 years ago.

A Page from BOCK the Robber, everybody!.

After being castigated by the writer (see comments below, and/or click it and read his comments), I am quoting just a small bit - you really just need to click the link and read it all, it's all there, just go there and read, please, honest it's all there, go please, or Bock will be annoyed, and you really don't wanna do that, trust me . . .

Brian Rossiter — Report on Death of Child in Custody Due Shortly
Posted on Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In . . . . . . .

Brian Rossiter - how much violence was this child subjected to in his brief life on this earth?
Brian Rossiter
- how much violence was this child subjected to
in his brief life on this earth?

This is a comment I posted to in relation to violence perpetrated against people in police custody.

In most societies, it is males that cause most of the violence, but those very same societies brutalise their males for more often, and with greater severity, than their females. So what the hell do they expect? Those who are the victims of outrages, quiet often go on to perpetrate outrages on others. Known fact, folks.

By the time a male has left his teens he will have been on the receiving end of far more violence than almost all females will ever have experience in their whole lives.

How much violence was Brian Rossiter on the receiving end of, in his very brief 14 year life?

Here is another comment I posted to
in relation to violence in Irish society in general.

I have no idea if he is innocent or guilty in a moral sense, of the charges the Garda claim they were going to bring against him - and neither do you.

Equally I happen to know, and so do they if they stop to think about it, that the young man was also innocent - certainly in the legal sense - until convicted of this crime in a criminal court - that is what our courts are for, and that is the only sense that matters in our society, as the many Tribunals have demonstrated.

If you are advocating 'vigilante justice', then essentially you are supporting the type of crime YOU all have accused this young man of. For that is what he was apparently wanted by the Gardai for - vigilantism. That fact you can't see that surprises me not in the least. Seeing that would require using your brain for something other than plotting revenge against what you perceive to be the enemies of this wonderful society of ours.

You people demonstrate all that is wrong in our violent society. You're ultra-willing to believe anything the Garda and the Media tell you about the 'sumbags' that just happen to die in Garda custody, and yet at the same time you appear outraged at the level of violence in our society.

There a nice short word for what you are - Sheep, baa baaa, ya bloodthirsty Sheep (bit of an oxymoron there, I know, but I'll leave it in anyway ;-)

For some reason you can't see how the two are intimately intertwined.

It is a pity you appear to have neither the wit nor wisdom to see that.

God help us if you lot are indicative of the Irish mentality - and I truly fear that you are.

You only have yourselves to blame - you are willing to accept violence meted out by the state in our institutions, prisons, borstals, orphanages, Garda Stations etc. . You rail against the problems created in society by the high level of violence out there, and yet don't seem to have a clue how YOU yourselves are contributing towards it.

If you are willing to turn a blind eye towards the violence of State representatives, then yes YOU personally are responsible for the level of violence in the wider society.

But to be honest, I seriously doubt any of you will ever, EVER, comprehend that.

Shane Geoghegan - possibly/probably murdered by Limerick Gangsters
Shane Geoghegan - possibly/probably murdered by Limerick Gangsters

I'd better Name this guy below as well, or someone will get annoyed. Below is the Top Post from an Archive for the 'Brian Rossiter' Category at Public Inquiry, Examining corruption in Ireland

RTE's reporting of the Rossiter case
I was puzzled and to some degree I’m still puzzled by RTE’s coverage of the Brian Rossiter report.

The presenter of Today with Pat Kenny (See previous post) clearly said to Philip Boucher Hayes, who had seen the report:

“You’ve seen the report; the rest of us will not get to see the full report.”

I think the crucial word here is ‘full’. It seems that some of the report has been published but because the former Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, insisted on setting up the inquiry under the arcane Metropolitan Police Act, 1924, sections of the report must remain secret because the act offers no protection from defamation on publication.

For me, the most disturbing aspect of the report’s release is how RTE news dealt with the event. Admittedly, I’m only making comment here on one programme, Six One News, but the impression given, I think, was that the Gardai had little to answer for.

Viewers were not informed that the arcane legislation this inquiry was set up under would seriously compromise its publication. My understanding is that only a summary of the report has been published. Viewers were not told that they were only getting a small part of the story.

RTE news placed great emphasis on the unreliability of witnesses who were hostile to the Gardai.

While reporting that Brian Rossiter was unlawfully detained overnight by Gardai, RTE emphasised that Hugh Hartnett SC, the reports author, was not satisfied that Brian Rossiter was assaulted in Garda custody.

Viewers were not informed, however, that the report also found there was a statistical probability that Brian Rossiter sustained his fatal injury while in Garda custody.

I’m puzzled here because of the apparent contradiction, perhaps an expert witness came to the conclusion regarding the statistical probability. In any case, RTE did not make any of this clear to viewers.

The overall impression given was that the report was fully published, that all the details of the case were available and that the Gardai were, in the main, innocent of any wrongdoing.

The Rossiter family does not agree and are very unhappy with the report. I tend to agree with them

Brian Rossiter - possibly/probably murdered by Clonmel Gardai
Brian Rossiter - possibly/probably murdered by Clonmel Gardai

Brian Rossiter died because the people tasked with ensuring that the laws of the State are upheld know that they can act with impunity

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights on 8 February 2005, defines impunity as:
"the impossibility, de jure or de facto, of bringing the perpetrators of violations to account – whether in criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary proceedings – since they are not subject to any inquiry that might lead to their being accused, arrested, tried and, if found guilty, sentenced to appropriate penalties, and to making reparations to their victims.

How long to sing this song?

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