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Friday, April 10, 2009

'Al Qaida Bomb Plot' hoax?

Rupert Murdoch - Completely Bonkers?Rupert Murdoch - Completely Bonkers?

As predicted here Thursday, April 09, 2009,
[Deliberate?] 'Security leak' prompts arrests in suspected al-Qaida plot
Well at least their arses are covered when it later turns out that the alleged "al-Qaida plot" was a complete fabrication.

The completely bonkers version:
Scramble to find the Easter bomb factory
A desperate (shock!! Horror!!) search was under way last night for the terrorist bomb factory (shock!! Horror!!) from which a suspected al-Qaeda cell (shock!! Horror!!) planned to launch a devastating attack (shock!! Horror!!) in Manchester.

The slightly more rational version:
Raids on 'bomb plotters' fail to unearth explosives

Raids to foil an alleged al-Qa'ida bomb plot, hurriedly brought forward after a blunder by a senior police officer, are yet to uncover any explosives or firearms, according to senior security sources.

but wait . . . . wait:

But further pressure was growing on the government last night after after it emerged that the suspects being questioned today may have exploited lax student visa regulations to enter the UK from Pakistan.

aaahhhhhh. Dirty filthy illegal immigrants, eh? How DARE they seek an education! Well we can fix that by kicking out all immigrants then. Good thing the cops found something though, was it not? Otherwise it might end up looking like a very cynical attempt to distract from the death of Ian Tomlinson at the hands of the police, rather then the vitally urgent anti-terrorist/anti-immigrant raid it was.

Bob Quick's Open SeekritsBob Quick's Open Seekrits
pic courtesy of:

From Rupert Murdoch's completely bonkers version:
The alleged Manchester plot represents a significant shift in tactics by terror groups based in Pakistan who view Britain as a prime target.

if it's an 'alleged plot' how could it represent anything but an allegation?

Between 2002 and 2006 their emphasis was on training young Britons. But if these plot allegations are proven, they suggest that planners are now exporting operatives here.

But if these plot allegations are UN-proven what would that represent, Rupert?

This week’s suspects had been under covert surveillance for a month and preparations for the swoop were already advanced before Mr Quick allowed crucial documents to be photographed as he went to brief the Prime Minister.

A whole month, eh? Well they simply must have been guilty of something nefarious then, no?

The suspects were allegedly seen filming in central Manchester and intelligence services had intercepted “chatter” suggesting that an attack could occur as early as this weekend

Filthy Freakin' F*$khead FILMERS!!!! String 'em up!

And what would we do without our wonderful 'chatter'? We'd be lost without it, no?

meanwhile back at the ranch . . .
UK unemployment passes two million

UK unemployment figures rising

but hey, as long at the police keep doing a sterling job hunting that 'chatter' none of that really matters, does it?

speaking of sterling:
Weak pound helps exports

haahaaahaa - WHAT exports? good old Guardian, always looking on the bright side. Of course the fact the the UK no longer exports anything of any real value, having shipped nearly all manufacturing overseas, makes that headline appear a little pointless.

More importantly though:
A FURTHER steep rise in the cost of food is keeping shop price inflation high, new figures from the British Retail Consortium have revealed.

From Wednesday, 18 February 2009:
'Bomb plot' case jury dismissed
The jury in the trial of eight men accused of conspiring to murder by blowing up transatlantic airliners has been discharged for "legal reasons".

It is not yet known why the judge, Mr Justice Henriques, took his decision to discharge the jury.

A new jury will be sworn in and the case re-started at a time to be fixed.

just for kicks, like

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Anonymous Hubris said...

Now there's a surprise...

IPCC: CCTV wasn't working

Fri Apr 10, 02:12:00 pm BST  
Anonymous Freedom or Death said...

Coincidences a plenty.

Not long after the De Mendes farce, it becomes a crime for people to video and/or photograph the Police. Mmmm, anything to do with the journalist who witnessed and photo graphed it and ended up being the only one arrested with regard to this State sanctioned murder?

With that in mind a man died as result of Police brutality which happened to be captured on video! It certainly wouldn't have been caught on CCTV, due to them being illegal as well!

Another coincidence that's got me thinking centers on Jade Goody. A high profile 'celebrity' to impressionable teenage girls dies of cervical cancer just as they are trying to push the harmful toxic vaccine onto them. Teenage girls in America and Canada have died as a result of taking this vaccine. A while back the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had a pdf file on their web site - which they soon removed after realising their folly - that clearly stated within it that the HPV virus - which this hideous toxic vaccination is supposed to counter - doesn't cause cervical cancer.

Fri Apr 10, 09:38:00 pm BST  
Anonymous Hubris said...

Don't know about Jade - I have been doing my best to ignore it - I neither liked her when it was fashionable nor hated her when it too was fashionable.

What I do know is that media manipulation is ubiquitous. As are coincidences.

And yes De Menendes thingy was suspicious - poor little Lyle and what's-his-face - looked to me like they got shafted

Fri Apr 10, 11:54:00 pm BST  
Anonymous Hubris said...

wow - this just gets more and more ridiculous

now it's an Al-Qaeda terror plot to bomb Easter shoppers! (Shock!! Horror!!)

Fri Apr 10, 11:59:00 pm BST  

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