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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

No One Expects . . The Scott-Lee Inquisition!

Pic Stolen here

Does anyone need this spelled out for them? Oh, well I'll do it anyway . . .

S. M. E. A. R. . . . . J. O. B.

Michael Todd inquiry to focus on 'affairs'
Courtesy of Lord Patel (once again!)

The inquiry into the tangled love life of Chief Constable Michael Todd will focus on alleged affairs with five of his staff at Greater Manchester Police, it has emerged.
Michael Todd had a three-year affair with Angie Robinson
Investigators will trawl through hundreds of his text messages and emails, as well as examining the finances of the former police chief, who was found dead on a Welsh mountainside earlier this month in a suspected suicide.
The formal inquiry into his conduct has been launched to see whether Mr Todd's private life had any impact on his duties.
The Chief Constable had affairs with three civilian staff and two officers at Greater Manchester, it is claimed.
Two women with whom he allegedly had a relationship were said to have been promoted ahead of others who were said to be better qualified.

blah deblahdeblahblah . . . . smoke and mirrors . . . . more blah blah blah

The 50-year-old, who was nicknamed "Hot Toddy", is believed to have committed suicide in a mountain range at Snowdon.

eehhhhmmm, 'believed' by whom exactly?

Meanwhile, an inquest has opened and adjourned to a date yet to be fixed.

The North Wales coroner, Dewi Pritchard Jones, revealed that Mr Todd was twice the drink-drive limit in the hours before his death and his body showed signs of hypothermia.

Now that's a complete lie.

See what they did there?

There is absolutely NO evidence that Todd's blood/alcohol level was 'twice the drink-drive limit in the hours before his death'

There is, however, evidence that Todd was

"found to have 105 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood in his system, Caslin said. The legal limit for driving is 80 milligrams per 100 millilitres."

Sooo, let's 'do the math(s)' . . . . 80 multipled by 2 = 160

. . . . NOT 105.

and as I said in an earlier post:

I mention the difference in reporting on the blood alcohol level because I find it hard to understand how someone with less than one and a half times the legal blood/alcohol limit for driving could be described as having a 'high blood-alcohol level' especially when one considers the fact that he was on foot and in Britain a blood/alcohol level of 105 mil per 100 could not possibly be considered above average given the high level of alcohol consumption prevalent amongst the population at large.

Nor was he driving at the time, so how the level of alcohol in his blood has any relevance to the legal blood/alcohol limit whilst driving a motor vehicle is beyond me.

That said, the level of blood/alcohol in his blood was, as I said less than one and a half times the legal driving limit.

As many are no doubt aware, the legal limit is purposely set at a very low level so as to ensure that any one driving a vehicle could not legally do so if their alcohol intake was sufficient to impair their driving ability.

Hence, to say that Mr Todd had a high blood-alcohol level, when the level was a mere 105 mil per 100, is quite misleading. Why The Guardian sub-editor that wrote the headline wished to mislead us is a question open to debate...

So the Telegraph's defence for this outright lie would be that they extrapolated backwards, using as a base the low level found in his blood, to arrive at the much larger figure of a higher level which they would claim must have earlier been in his system, since we are suppossed to believe that the dead policeman drank half a bottle of spirits before he died.

All complete poppycock of course.

I wonder if any of the 'journalists' or editors working at the Telegraph are members of any apron wearing rather secretive fraternities ubiqutious throughout the British establishment?

See also:
Rescue Services ask: 'Why didn't they call us earlier?'

  • Mountain rescue chief says they could have saved top policeman on Snowdon
  • Mystery of dark suited 'spooks' waiting at bottom of mountain
  • Chinook helicopter appeared above body - but could not land
  • 'Champagne was in police chief's rucksack'

The police chief who died on a blizzard-swept mountain might have survived if rescue services had been alerted earlier, according to the expert who masterminded the recovery of his body.
Peter Walker has provided the first detailed account of the hunt on Snowdon for Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Michael Todd.
His claims raise a series of disturbing questions about the death of Mr Todd, who was tipped as a future Scotland Yard Commissioner.
Mr Walker, 52, a veteran of hundreds of rescue operations, alleges that mountain rescue services were not called in to search for the police chief, who had been linked with a number of women, until hours after he was first reported missing.

See what they did there, once again? They made sure we knew that the dead policeman
. . . had been linked with a number of women , . .(Shock, Horror!!!)

Just in case you didn't get it the other 100 times they made sure to mention it. We should at least be grateful they're not accusing him of kiddy fiddling. . . . yet

No One expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

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