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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hola, Hola, Hola . . . 3 Top Cops, 3 Suicides(?) in 3 Days!

I was following the reddit comments discussing an (apparently non-Shakespearian :) earlier post I made here, and it occurred to me that to get some people to accept that conspiracies exist would take something akin to superhuman powers of persuasion.

The Reddit comment thread is named "3 Top Cops, 3 Suicides? and 3 Days" so I would have thought that contained all the info one might need to see the significance. It then occurred to me that even if these 3 dead Policemen were not 'Top Cops,' it would still be quite an interesting phenomenon, though one much more easily explained-away by the incurious as 'mere coincidence'. But if you note that, as one reddit-commenter did,
"you must admit that the most high profile one on the mountain is definitely strange. 2-3 weeks later and still no cause of death",


If you further note that there was a veritable media frenzy to try and deceive all-and-sundry into believing that not only was Shagger Todd very drunk he was also sending 'troubling texts' to many people which apparently put some of them in fear for their own safety.

Then consider that at the coroner's inquest it was found that: Shagger Todd had a mere 105 milligrams of alcohol per 100 milliliters which by any standard could not be considered a high level, and certainly did not merit the Guardian headline description of a 'high level'.

See: Police chief had high blood-alcohol level, inquest confirm

Consider also that much was made in the media of the fact that a half empty bottle of Spirits was found nearby. Todd was certainly not the one that drank the missing half, not with a mere 105 per 100 in his blood stream, unless it was a very small bottle of spirits. Since no one mentioned the size of the bottle it is intended that the reader assume that the bottle was normal sized i.e a 75 cl bottle. It is highly unlikely that Todd drank half of a 75cl bottle and was found with a mere 105 per 100 unless one arrived on the mountain top with a bottle that had been opened on a previous occasion, which, though possible, appears unlikely to me.

Consider also that apparently we are to believe that Todd went up this mountain in the middle of one of the worst storms to have hit the area in a number of years.

Consider also that much was also made in the media of the 'fact' that personal papers of Mr Todd were found 'scattered nearby'. Apparently these 'personal papers' were printed on a new-fangled superduper papertype that does not get blown away in the worst storm to hit the area in recent years. I'm off out tomorrow to buy shares in the company that makes it - I'm gonna be rich I tell ya!

Consider also the copious references to Shagger Todds shagging exploits as an apparent explaination as to why he might 'suicide' himself. For a male such as Shagger Todd I very much doubt that revealing such shenanigans would lead him to contemplate commiting suicide, but I may be wrong. It has been my experience that men who act as he did, for as long as he did, rarely have much of a bad conscience about it.

Consider also that Sgt. Fuller was reported to have been in good spirits in the time before his 'suicide', but admittedly that was sourced to 'friends' and who know, maybe the journalist in question just made it up.

Consider also that Inspector Munro was initially reported to have suffered a head wound. But later statements by the police specified no head wound.

Consider also that Inspector Munro had recently become the father of a child,

Consider also the unsourced reporting of Inspector Munro's apparent depressed state of mind

The court was told he was known to be suffering from chronic depression. No press reports give the author of this information, it's source, or if any evidence , or witness was provided to substantiate the claim. (UPDATE Thursday The Daily Echo Monday 17th said Headline "Inquest hears of inspector’s stress" - (Coroner's officer ) Mr Jeneson said: "The inspector was known to be suffering from chronic depression and was last seen at lunchtime. The PA report used the phrase "chronic depression".) Evidently someone supplied Mr Jeneson with that information.

Consider also the preponderance of Freemasons in powerful (and useful) positions throughout the British Establishment:

The inquiry into freemasonry was first suggested by a Labour member of the committee, Chris Mullin, who was disturbed at the number of freemasons who appeared to be involved in the Birmingham Six case.
Masons told to reveal themselves

Consider also that in a speech MP Chris Mullen gave to the House of Commons regarding the framing of the Birmingham Six he said that
of the 160 professional people connected with the case (by this he meant Police, Lawyers, Doctors and Journalists) over one hundred of them were found to be members of the Freemasons.
(That quote comes from Hansards originally, and may be slightly misquoted, but only slightly. You'll have to search pretty hard to find it there now, I couldn't)

Lastly, consider also that at present there have been numereous investigations into sexual abuse of children in British care homes, which were widely considered to be little more than coverups, and consider that in the case of Byyn Estyn, many of the abusers were reliably reported to be members of the Judiciary, local Politicians and Police Officers. British Freemasony gains much of it's notoriety from the fact that it draws many of it's members from the Police, the Judiciary, Politicians, Doctors and Journalists.

Admittedly my original post on the subject was badly wriiten so I hope that this one helps clarify things somewhat for the terminally incurious :)

A fine example of non-Mainstream Media Investigative Journalism

With all due respect: If you were looking for Mainstream media 'fair and balanced' investigative journalism, then you're probably at the wrong blog :)

A finer example of Hubris' style of 'Journalism'

Update: No One Expects . . The Scott-Lee Inquisition!

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